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"I want to extend my sincere thanks and highest recommendation to K.E.L Home Inspections and Mr. Linus Orr. He is professional, thorough, and takes the time to explain everything (minor and major) in a simple way that leaves you without any questions. My wife and I recently used his services to inspect a home we were ready to purchase. Mr. Orr's inspection revealed some very serious issues that saved us from making a huge mistake. We would have been stuck with 10's of thousands of dollars in immediate necessary repairs. We are back in the market for a house. When we find a house that we are ready to buy, we will definitely call K.E.L. Thank you again Linus."

Facebook Reviewer November 2023

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"Linus recently did a home inspection for us. This house was built in 1952 and is in need of repairs. He was there for several hours and his report was exceptional. The detail and pictures were easy to understand and extremely thorough. We would highly recommend his services. He was actually referred to us by a friend. We are so glad we decided to use K.E.L for our home inspection. The cost for his services was very reasonable. Give him a call. You won't be disappointed!!!"

Facebook Reviewer June 2023

"The world needs more people like Linus. This was our first experience with him and we are very happy we chose him. Very knowledgeable about what he does and was an all around great guy. I would highly recommend his services!"

Facebook Reviewer April 2021

"The world needs more people like Linus. This was our first experience with him and we are very happy we chose him. Very knowledgeable about what he does and was an all around great guy. I would highly recommend his services!"

Facebook Reviewer March 2021

"Linus showed up on time, very thorough and listened to our questions and answered them. He pointed out things we would have not noticed ourselves and gave us advice for future issues that could arise. I was late to inspection but he was kind and listened to my wife when she asked questions and waited on me to get there so we can go over results. Thanks again Linus - The Eichelberger's"

Google Reviewer March 2021

"Linus was great and helped us a ton. Very thorough and showed us things we would not have noticed otherwise. Thanks again Linus."

Facebook Reviewer March 2021

"I was blown away by KEL Home Inspections. From the time I called to schedule, right down to leaving after the inspection- Linus is top notch. He worked with my schedule and was able to get us in right away. Upon arrival, he thoroughly inspected each room and explained what was okay, what was not okay, as well as gave suggestions to bring anything up to code that wasn't. He did this with each room of the house. He also asked if we had questions in every room and if something didn't quite make sense, he took the time to make sure that we had a total understanding before moving forward. By the end of the inspection, I felt prepared for taking on the projects I had ahead of me and knew where to start due to Linus being so thorough. Lastly, he equipped us with a homeowners manual and folder where I can keep all my documents in one place! Highly recommend him to anyone who wants all there i's dotted and t's crossed!"

Yelp Reviewer January 2021

"I recently had K.E.L. inspect the home I am interested in buying.  Linus was great to work with.  He was not only very thorough, but took the time to explain everything, especially the items that need immediate attention.  His report, which I received within hours, was very detailed and armed me with exactly the information I needed to make an informed decision.  I highly recommend K.E.L. Home Inspections!!"

Yelp Reviewer August 2020

"Linus is very polite and professional home inspector. He walked me through every part of the inspection letting me know what he found and answering any questions I had. His report is very detailed and gave me all the information I needed before buying. I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking to purchase a home."

Yelp Reviewer August 2020

"We had K.E.L home inspector Linus inspect two homes that we were interested in purchasing. The first home looked good to us. Linus came in to inspect and prior to even walking in he already found major damage that we nor our realtor even seen. We are so thankful for his inspection of that home.A week later we found another home and wanted no one else but Linus to inspect this home. We are extremely satisfied with the experience, the expert eye and knowledge that he brought forth on the property, and the extremely kindness and willingness to explain everything and anything that we had questions on. Linus was very personable and straight to the point with no sugar coating even the minor issues in the home. Also the price was definitely affordable and worth every penny.Hopefully we found our forever home now but if not we will be calling Linus once again. We highly recommend K.E.L home inspection and The highest gratitude to Linus. Thank you for giving us the knowledge of making our choice of a home safe for our family and friends. Thank you Linus for all your time. We will be passing along the recommendation to everyone we know who will need a home inspection. THANK YOU AGAIN! THE SAXON'S"

Facebook Reviewer May 2020

"KEL inspections always goes above and beyond for their clients. They are very professional and courteous in all of their business handlings. We have used their services twice and Linus is so knowledgeable! He has taught us so much about preventative maintenance and what to focus on to keep our home safe and running properly. Linus is THE ONLY inspector we will ever use and absolutely love, love, love working with him!!"

Facebook Reviewer March 2020

"Linus has inspected three houses for my kids and I recommend him highly. When you buy a house, you need to know if there are going to be issues that are unsafe or costly that need fixed. He is very thorough, informative and professional. His final reports he writes are detailed and easy to understand."

Facebook Reviewer January 2020

"Linus was very professional and thorough with the inspection and let me know exactly how things were. His report was top notch and gave me a lot of information that I would not have known otherwise. I would HIGHLY recommend his services when looking to purchase a house!"

Facebook Reviewer March 2019

"Linus did an amazing job and wrote a detailed report. it was very helpful and saved us from buying a house with a lot of defects that would have cost us a lot of money. Definitely recommend!"

Google Reviewer October 2018

"We found a home in Newton Falls Ohio that we put a bid on. We are from California but have family in the East so we wanted a vacation home. So I researched a number of home inspectors and came across Linus Orr, he was a true professional with many years of experience. He was so thorough and detailed with the inspection. He pointed out things that were major and minor he gave us a lot of good advice. I would highly recommend Linus to anyone for their home inspection."

Yelp Reviewer September 2017

"Pickiest, thought, meticulous. Nice guy."

Google Reviewer May 2017

I'm so glad I hired Linus Orr to do the inspection on a home I am purchasing. He found 2 major things that would have cost me a bundle of money. He did an outstanding job. I highly recommend K.E.L Home Inspections!!

Facebook Reviewer April 2017

"Linus! Amazing guy! Best home inspector I think one could get! He went in every nook and cranny, knew about everything codes ect, he was very friendly and professional, he made a nice folder to organize everything he found, I would recommend him to anyone who wants the job done and done right! He's worth every penny, thank you! For everything, Bud!"

Yelp Reviewer April 2014 

"I worked with Linus Orr for our home inspection. He was amazing! Very thorough, explained everything to us. He went into detail about things that were confusing and made everything crystal clear. At the end of the inspection he gave us a clear and concise print out of the inspection with a summary and dictionary of commonly used terms that might be confusing to the layperson. In summary, I very highly recommend Linus!"

​ Yelp Reviewer May 2011

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